Alaska Road Trip - Part Three

Heading south towards the coast, we leave the boreal forests and become surrounded by temperate rainforest. Southcentral Alaska is certainly the most populated area of the state. In addition to wildlife on the roads, there are now vehicles and No U-Turn signs. The coastal communities were abundant in fresh halibut, seagulls, cruise ships and grey hairs. 

Day Six: Palmer, AK to Seward, AK

From Palmer we first set off to Anchorage and spent most of the afternoon in the city. Played with Lissie in the park, wandered around downtown then stopped for a bite and a brew at Midnight Sun Brewing Company. Past Anchorage, the highway runs along Turnagain Arm, which is notable from the large bore tides which infiltrate the arm. These bores can reach nearly 2 m in height. Mona got stuck in some mud flats here. We continued into Seward and spent the night at a campsite near the water.

Day Seven: Kenai Fjords National Park to Soldotna, AK

This day was mostly spent on the water. From Seward we hopped on a boat tour that would take us to the Aialik Glacier, a tidewater glacier nestled in the boundaries of Kenai Fjords National Park. The boat got us up close to the glacier (and the cold katabatic winds coming down the glacier). Though the main aim was to see the glacier, we had no shortage of wildlife (and people jumping in front of you getting seasick...humans are beautiful creatures). Once we got back to shore, we started driving towards Soldotna. Along the way we made a pitstop at the Exit Glacier as it is located just off of the highway. There is really no reason not to make this stop if you are nearby, it's an easy little walk/"hike" up to the glacier. Got into Soldotna, had a pint at St. Elias Brewing Company and called it a night.

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