Alaska Road Trip - Part Four

In this part of the trip we started to venture back north. A couple days on the Kenai Peninsula followed by a couple days full of driving. Fishing, sunsets and glaciers. I like it.

Day Eight: Soldotna, AK to Homer, AK

Today we hopped on the Kenai River with a guide to fish for Silver Salmon. A treat of an early birthday present from Mona - had a lot of fun bringing a couple into the boat. From here we took a trip to Homer, where we had decided to camp out on the spit. This was an experience of its own and not only for the location. We were lucky enough to camp next to either a grizzly bear in a tent or a man snoring on one side of us and white Whoopi Goldberg coughing so frequently you could set your watch to it. Nature.

Day Nine: Homer, AK to Palmer, AK

Waking up on the beach was easy enough. We spent some time playing fetch with Liss while the tide was out and grabbed some fresh halibut for lunch. Today, my intake of vegetables consisted of pickles in my tartar sauce. After completing my yearly sodium intake (Lissie too - seawater was a new experience for her) we made our way back towards Palmer.

Day Ten: Palmer, AK to Tok, AK

We found out the hard way that the state fair was happening in Palmer. Traffic jams do exist in Alaska. That put a delay in our timing but it was nothing we weren't used to. Along the way back to Tok, we made a stop at the Matanuska Glacier and did some wandering in the mud and ice. Back to the highway and the most extreme of sports, moose dodging. Somewhere between moose #2 and moose #3 we had pulled over for a break and saw the Aurora Borealis above. My favourite kind of light pollution.